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Comfort for All Women

Welcome to High & Dry Bra Liners. Our mission is to help every woman be comfortable in her own skin always.

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Commonly Asked Questions

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How do the liners work?

The liners easily apply onto the inside of any fabric, including bras, sports bras, and formal wear. The sticky side stays put on your bra while the sweat-absorbing material is laid against your skin. While you sweat throughout your day, during a workout, or during an event, the liners will keep you clean and dry.

What problem do the liners solve?

Many women experience problems such as rashes, bacteria, chaffing, and itching from sweat under their breasts. Our liners ensure the wearer is always comfortable and dry, no need to worry about irritation!

What materials are the liners made of?

Our liners are made of an Eco-Friendly, Absorbent, Soft, Wicking Fabric. This material will not irritate even sensitive skin, providing comfort and absorbing unwanted perspiration while wearing.

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Our Origins

As an active woman who enjoys playing tennis, golf and running, I, Mary, was embarrassed by the noticeable perspiration marks around my breasts.  When a woman's breasts perspire excessively, the sweat can cause irritation, odor and discomfort.  In order to eliminate this problem, I tried numerous solutions - but they did not fit comfortably the way I wished they would.  Being a creative problem solver,  I was inspired to create and develop absorbent bra liners for this specific purpose.  Now, with High & Dry Bra Liners, women have a convenient and discreet way of feeling dry and comfortable.

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High and Dry Bra Liners
P O Box 485
Farmington, MI 48332

(734) 216-9921

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