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Commonly Asked Questions

How do the liners work?

The liners easily apply onto the inside of any fabric, including bras, sports bras, and formal wear. The sticky side stays put on your bra while the sweat-absorbing material is laid against your skin. While you sweat throughout your day, during a workout, or during an event, the liners will keep you clean and dry.

What problem do the liners solve?

Many women experience problems such as rashes, bacteria, chaffing, and itching from sweat under their breasts. Our liners ensure the wearer is always comfortable and dry, no need to worry about irritation!

What materials are the liners made of?

Our liners are made of antimicrobial fabric with silver ions. This medical-grade fabric wicks moisture, is odor free, and bacteriostatic (meaning it prevents the growth of bacteria). This material will not irritate even sensitive skin, providing comfort all day.

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